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Tecnologia em Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração [Technology in Metallurgy, Materials and Mining] is a quarterly publication of Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração - ABM [Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Mining], directed to the technical-scientific community in these areas.

Its mission, since 2004, is to value academic production, encourage the disclosure of technological innovation in processes and products, disseminate the best practices in technical management and, also, contribute to the spread of scientific and technological knowledge in the Brazilian community in the materials, metallurgical and mining sectors.

TMM accepts Original articles, Review papers and Short Communications in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and its editorial policy prioritizes quality: a rigorous editorial process is used to assess and select contributions to be published. These include peer review both by academic and industrial experts. The Editor-in-chief or the Area Executive Editors defines an Editor to be responsible for the paper, and the indicated editor sends the paper to two ad hoc reviewers. After the review process and approval, the paper is published.

There are no costs to the authors in the submission and publication processes.

Please ready the submission details in the Guide for Authors:

ABM Week 2018 – Special Edition

Special edition of TMM based on the version of papers presented during ABM Week 2018, with publication forecast for the second semester of 2019, for the accepted papers.

Essential Information:
Submission period: from 29 Oct. 2018 to 30 Nov. 2018.

In the header of the first page, include the information: "Version of the paper presented in ABM Week 2018".

The submitted paper must be an improved version of the one presented at ABM Week 2018, and must have a maximum of 6 (six) pages. All other rules of submission must be followed; for further information access:

Submitted papers will be subordinated to the technical evaluation of the TMM, depending on a favorable opinion for publication.

Similar Papers to those already presented at the event will not be accepted!