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Publication Ethics

  • The Tecnologia em Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração esteems the ethics’ high standard in its evaluation process, not allowing malpractice from the Editorial Board or Authors.
  • All Authors, Editors and Reviewers are encourage to study and follow the Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE’s ( instructions in every process stage.
  • All malpractice suspicion that perhaps appears will be strictly investigated by the Editor-in-Chief until its clarification. On the other hand, corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies, will be published when needed.
  • When submitting articles, authors should always:
    • Observe the proper attribution of authorship, including only authors involved in the research process;
    • Cite and insert the references of all information from other publications;
    • Inform any authors’ possible conflict of interest;
    • Inform every Funding Source;
    • Submit only exclusive papers that have not been published or submitted elsewhere and state that all information is authentic and real;
    • Offer retractions or error corrections, when solicited by the Editor.
  • Reviewers, when receiving invitation to evaluate an article, compromise to:
    • Refuse the invitation in case of any conflict of interests;
    • Realize the review themselves, observing the most complete rigor;
    • Only accept invitation when able to do it in the deadline;
    • Inform about any important published paper that has not been cited;
    • Keep absolute confidentiality of papers supplied to them and should not discuss unpublished manuscripts with colleagues or use the information in their own work.
  • Editors should Always:
    • Always value the most impartial evaluation possible by peers;
    • Guarantee Reviewers anonymity;
    • Evaluate and investigate all malpractice cases and/or suspects and unethical behavior;
    • Avoid that funding interests compromise the publication’s ethics high standard;
    • Certify that there are no plagiarism and fraudulent information.