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Tecnologia em Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração
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Isadora Dias Perez, Amilton Barbosa Botelho Junior, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa

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The extraction of metals from nickel laterite ores has been increasing, due to the demand for copper, nickel and cobalt. HPAL is a hydrometallurgical process which uses sulfuric acid as leaching agent. After the leaching step, ion exchange techniques are used to recover metals selectively, as well as chelating resins. The goal of this work was to study the use of Dowex XUS 43605 for copper recovery from nickel laterite leach solution. Mono- and multielementary solutions were studied and results compared the effect of other metal ions on copper adsorption. As previous study showed, iron is the main contaminant in solution. However, the use of Dowex XUS 43605 is not explored in the literature. The effect of time, pH, copper concentration, mass of resin and temperature were evaluated. Results showed that copper adsorption was 100% using monoelementary solutions and 72% in multielementary solution at pH 1.5 after 120min, where the resin was more selective for copper. The use of high quantity of resin decreased the adsorption capacity. Temperature had no effect on copper adsorption. These results are important to develop industrial process of nickel laterite extraction.


Hydroxypropyl-picolylamine; HPPA; ion exchange; hydrometallurgy.


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