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Comparative study between crack tip opening displacement techniques by statistical analysis

Matheus Lothar Schmidt, Guilherme Vieira Braga Lemos, Daniel Antonio Kapper Fabricio, Afonso Reguly

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Standardized tests may not always achieve all their analytical objectives. Particularly to structural integrity, where a reproduction of the practical occurrences of the industry is desired, new techniques are being developed. Therefore, this work aims at evaluating fracture toughness in tensile armour through four measurement methodologies (standard, video, laser and stretch zone (SZ)) to obtain crack tip opening displacement (CTOD), and compares their responses by ANOVA and Duncan’s tests. The findings showed equivalence between the standard and other approaches, thus allowing distinct methods for fracture toughness evaluation.


Fracture toughness; Crack tip opening displacement; Tensile armour wire; Statistical analysis


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